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Kausalya PROFILE

Biography / Biodata

Kausalya / Kousalya / Nandini

Original / Real Name

Date of Birth
Dec 30, 1979



Hair colour

Eye colour
Light Brown

Mother Name

Reading Books, Listening to music

Mother Tongue

Languages known
Kannada, English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Marati

Dance Skills
Bharatha Natyam

Favourite Actor
Shahrukh Khan

Favourite Actress
Manisha Koirala

Favourite director
Steeven Spielberg

Favourite song
“Chinna Chinna Aasai” from “Roja” film

Favourite colour

Favourite Dress
Jeans, T.shirt

Actress , Model

Kausalya, No:15, A-2, Akshar, Palace Road, Bangalore-52.

Hot facts in Biography

# Kausalya’s original name is Kavitha.

# This gorgeous south indian actress was doing modelling before coming to cinema. She did modeling for the products like sarees, jewelleriesetc. She worked nearly for 65 ads.

#She worked in Tamil , Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies both as leading and supporting charactar.

# Kausalya was doing modelling regarding products like Sarees, Jewelleries and Household Articles.

# The tamil actress loves basket ball, cricket and tennis.

# Within a short span of time she established herself as an actress with glamour without wearing micro minis and hot pants like most of the heroines of today.

# The actress Kausalya made her debut through ‘Kallam Ellam Kathal Vazhgai’ opposite Murali, which was a huge hit.

Tamil Actress Kausalya quotes

# “I have controlled my short-tempered anger, a pre-cinema characteristic trait of mine.”

# “While in school I vowed to obtain more marks in maths but was diappointed when I couldn’t do so!”

# “I did it in ‘Nerukku Ner’ because I wanted to prove that I could do glamorous roles too.”

# “I heard 12 stories in two days and signed only one because to tell you the truth I am very mediocre in my aspirations. I am willing to sit at home for six months and wait for a good role. For me acting is a hobby, a temporary thirst. If you will notice out of the six films that were released except for one all had a run of at least hundred days”.

# “I have my friends who advise me on my acting and not just want to be friends because I am an actress. To me money should not be too much or too less. Too much of everything or too little of everything will destroy oneself”.

# “Coming to Cinema is the biggest turning point in my life. ”

# “I won’t say that I was a little nervous. As I was already in modelling field I experienced neither fear nor nervousness. Rather was extremely joyous!” [First day experience]

# “I would enjoy the affection of pure-hearted people. I would appreciate their friendship.”

# “I jumped down from the running train while participating in the cinema shooting for the film “Jolly”. I got wounded all over my body. Even now, whenever I think about that incident I feel the pain!”

# “I like very much basket ball, cricket and tennis.Used to play basket ball very well.”


The Celebrity Chat with Kausalya on Saturday, August 4th, '01 between 8 & 9 pm IST.

She was the telephone kuyil who did what she could do, 
to take love to another level of technology, 
we are talking about her debut movie Kalamellam Kadhal Vazhlga.

A rare combo of the traditional Indian beauty 
combined with the trendy energy is what makes her unique. 

There was a brief technical snag due to which there was a 
break in the celebrity chat. Read excerpts from the chat with Kausalya.

A few question asked by Kausalya's fans in the chat room:

Q: Would you take up a role like Nandita Das performed in the movie 'Fire'?

A: Nandita Das is a talented female and I wouldn't
 mind really mind doing challenging roles. Yes, might be
 I would have taken up such a role, if I had the opportunity.

Q: Have you set yourself any time frame for your career?
 As to how many more years you would be in the industry?

A: I am more of a person who takes life as it comes.
 I really didn't plan to come into the cinema field but it 
just happened and I am enjoying every bit of it. So until my 
life takes another course I will be in this field. 

Q: Some years ago you did an April Fool's Day special
 for a tamil magazine with cricketer Ramesh Sadagopan? 
But rumours are such it wasn't an April Fool's Day special?

A: It is upto the readers of the magazine and my fans to take
 that stunt in a sportive sense. I don't have anything to 
prove and don't intend to. And I haven't had the chance 
to meet the cricketer after that.

Q: Do you act in Kannada movies? 

A: Yes I do act in Kannada movies and right now also 
acting in Kannada movies. Language is no barrier for a artiste.

Q: What do you think about Kannada actor Rajkumar?

A: He is a very calm and poliet person and I feel 
lucky I have had the opportunity to be to his place. 

Q: Tell us about your family?

A: My Dad comes from a family of 11 brothers and 
sisters and my Mom comes for a family of five siblings. 
So, for any family event the first circle of relatives itself pretty much make a big crowd.

Q: Who is your best friend? And what would you like to say on this friendship day?

A: She is a friend right back from my school days and a good 
friend for almost more than nine years. I would define 
what we have as a wholesome friendship.

Q: On the eve of friendship day what would like to tell your fans?

A: I would like to say a few lines from a friendship 
card I got from one of dear friends. I liked it alot, 
it goes like "Another month, another year, another smile, another
 tear, another winter, another summer too but there will never be another one like you."

Few questions Kausalya had asked her fans:

Kausalya: Which movie of mine do you guys like the most?

Fan: We like all your films but your first film 
Kalamellam Kadhal Vazhga remains our most favorite. 
And also your role in Nerukku Ner.

Kausalya: What would you have to say about me entering Hindi movies?

Fan: Well there isn't any harm in you trying to enter the 
Bollywood era. Might be it will be another venture you could try 
but then Hindi projects take a lot of time and you wouldn't be 
acting enough films down south here.

Kausalya: Do you think I should take up more glamourous roles?
 Am I striking a balance between glamourous/domestic kind of roles?

Fan: I think you are striking the right balance between glamour
 and domestic roles. Since you are a more traditional Indianized beauty 
vamp roles wouldn't suit you much.

Kausalya: What do you think about my dance in Vanathai Polla?

Fan: We feel that you really broke down the myth that
 you are just an average dancer with that number in Vanathai Polla.


Biography / Biodata
Kausalya / Kousalya / Nandini

Original / Real Name

Date of Birth
Dec 30, 1979


Other Tongue

Languages known
Kannada, English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam,Marati

Dance Skills
Bharatha Natyam

Favourite Actor
Shahrukh Khan

Manisha Koirala

Steeven Spielberg

Favourite song
“Chinna Chinna Aasai” from “Roja” film

Favourite colour

Favourite Dress
Jeans, T.shirt

Actress , Model

Kausalya, No:15, A-2, Akshar, Palace Road, Bangalore-52.


Kausalya - Tamil Actress Profile

Kausalya is a Malayalam and Tamil language actress who has appeared in various Indian regional films. After starting her career as a lead heroine, she has since gone on to portray supporting roles. She is known as Nandhini in Malayalam Movies. 
she was a very decent actress who denied all roles about glamor. Now she is acting in Tele Seriels. 

Name : Kausalya 
Original Name : Kavitha 
Date of Birth : 30-12-1979 
Brought up in : Bangalore 
Fitst Movie : "April 19th " - Malayalam Film directed by Balachandera Menon 
Kaalamellam Kaadhal Vaazhga (in Tamil) 
Opinion about Cine Industry : Dream World 
Favourite character : The characters in Kaalamellam Kaadhal Vaazhga and Sollaamalae (paired with Livingston) 
Favourite dress : Jeans and T.shirt 
Favourite Holiday spot : Bangalore 
Favourite Color : Black 
Special talent : Car driving and Bharatha Natyam 
Hobbies : Reading books. Enjoying music. Good sleep 
Mother tongue : Kannada 
Languages acted : Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada 
Achievements : As a Heroine acted in more number of films in Tamil in the year 2000 including Superduper Hit "Vannathaipola", Ezhaiyin Sereepil, Thai Poranthanchu 
Character that impresses : Affection of vanity 
Most respectful person : Her mother Poornima 
Best friend : Hima 
Interest : Basket ball, Cricket and Tennis 
The V.I.P. she likes to meet : Former American President Mr.Bill Clinton 
The place she likes to visit : London 
Favourite Actor : Sharuk Khan 
Favourite Actress : Manisha Koirala 
Favourite Director : Steeven Spielberg 


Real Name          : Kavitha
Date of Birth      : 30th December 1979
Place Of Birth   : Banagalore
Father's Name  : Ram krishnan
Mother's Name: Poornima
Siblings                             : \
Spouse                             : Single
Studied Upto                   : Graduate
Previous Carrier            : Model
Introduced Film              : Nerukku Ner
Director                           : Vasanth
Languages Acted          : Tamil and malayalam
Awards Won                   : No awards

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