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Kutty Padmini PROFILE

She stole our hearts in the Tamil film 
'Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum' when she played 
the twin role as a child star. She went
 on to act in other films as a child star
 and later on as a heroine. She was one
 of the first women to exploit and identify
 the potential market of TV megaserials and
 has churned out quite a few successful TV
 programmes like 'Krishnadasi' and others.
 Chat with Tamil actress turned producer-
director Kutty Padmini on September 28th
 2002 between 6 & 7 pm goes well.

Chat Pictures
Name: Original Name :Padmini
Date of birth : 5-6-1956
Place of birth : Chennai
Hails from which state in India : Chennai
Mother Tongue : Tamil
Schooling (Where?) : Holy Angels
ExtraCurricular Activities : Swimming, conduct spiritual classes and counselling.

First film Details : Acted in Ambala Anjulam when three years old.
Name of first film : Ambala Anjulam
Recognition started from movie Nengila Raagam.

Films Therafter:
Tamil : Lot of movies in Tamil
Malayalam : Lot of movies 
Achievements - Milestones and Awards:Recieved National
 Award for movie 'Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum' and Recieved state award for movie 'Oodayil Ninnu'(Malayalam).

Actor : Surya
Actress :Simran
Music Director :D.Imman
Song : Illayaraja Song - ( Thenpandi )
Director :Mani Rathnam, Prabhu Nepal.
Film : Bombay
Singer :S.P.Balasubrahmaniam.
Color : Black and White

Other Trivial Questions
Definition of love?
Lovie is a process of Sharing and Caring.

The place in the world you would like to go to?

Your role model?
All those people who came developed from the scratches.

Person you envy?
At present Suhasini

Happiest Moment?
When Sangarsh which was produced by me got telecasted in TV

Saddest or depressing Moment?
When my sisters kid expired due to carelessness.
When Monal and Viji committed suicide.
When Kathiravan got closed.

What is life?
Life is a mystery and we should utilize some thing
 when it is available and do something when somebody is alive and enjoy every moment that is gifted for us.

Ever plan to enter politics?

Do you consider doing anything other than acting like direction, etc?
Like to conduct spiritual classes and also to give in donations.

  1986 - Thazhuvatha Kaigal  ( Tamil ) 
  1978 - Aval Appadithan (1978)  ( Tamil ) 
  1977 - Avargal  ( Tamil ) 
  1969 - Nam Nadu  ( Tamil ) 

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