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Mangaiar Karasi PROFILE

Name : Mangaiar Karasi 
Date of birth : 01-Aug-1981
Place of birth : Chennai
Hails from which state in India : Tamilnadu
Mother Tongue:Tamil
Parent Details:
Mother - Maragatham - Business
One Elder Sister - Kundhavi - French Teacher
Schooling : Church Park
College : Sweden University
ExtraCurricular Activities : Travelling, Dancing
Films :
About the entry into the film industry?
First film Details-
Name of first film : 5 Star
Director/Production : Sasi Ganeshan, Mani Rathnam
Co-star : Krishna, Prasanna, Kanika, Sadhya, Karthick
Films Therafter : 'Rush' on the move
Achievements - Milestones and Awards :
Striven Awards, Bharatha Natyam Awards
To get an Oscar award and to act with Steven Spillberg

Actor : Antonio
Actress : Katherine
Music Director : A.R.Rehman
Director: Mani Rathnam , Steven Spillberg
Film : All Oscar Won Movies
Singer : Michael Jackson
Food/Drink (Indian/Western) : All Vegetarian food
HangOut (like discotheque/place to be in leisure hours) : Going to temple
Book and Author : Shakespear
Fave Cartoon as a kid : Tom and Jerry
Color : Green, Pink, Orange, Violet.

Other Trivial Questions
Definition of love?
First Love/Crush?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Are you a romantic person?
How should your dream(partner be)?
I must be his dream lover
If not married, when would you?
No idea
Would it be a love marriage or arranged?
Love Marriage
Stranded on an island what would you do? Who would you like to be with?
Offcourse with my lover
The place in the world you would like to go to?
Your role model?
J Lopez
Person you envy?
Unforgettable moment? Chat
Happiest Moment?
When will I fall in Love
Saddest or depressing Moment?
My father's death
Most embarassing moment?
When I meet my sister
Person(s) you like to meet?
Steven Spillberg
Things you like?
Sharing and Caring
Things you dislike?
Dishonest and lies
Who would you like to be in your next birth?
Like a queen
Ever plan to enter politics?
Ten years from now what do you see yourself as?
Oscar Award winner
Do you consider doing anything other than acting like direction, etc?
No, but my family business
Goal in the industry?
Winning Oscars
Your Forthcoming movies?
Your dream role
A great actress.

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