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Navya Nair PROFILE

Navya Nair, is a Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada actress. She has won the honour of Kalathilakam in the Alappuzha District Schools Youth Festival.
Name : Navya Nair
Birth Name : Dhanya Nair
Birth Date : 1984
Birth Place : Alappuzha, Kerala, India
Sex : Female
Nationality : Indian
Height : 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Hair Color : Black
Eye Color : Black
Zodiac Sign : Libra
Sexual Orientation : Straight
Race or Ethnicity : Asian
Profession : Actress
Major Genres : Drama, Comedy, Action, Romance
First Major Screen Credit : Ishtam (2001)
Father : Rajan
Mother : Veena
Brother : Rahul
Career Highlights : Azagiya Theeye, Gramaphone, Sethurama Iyer CBI
Claim to Fame : As Balamani in the movie "Nandanam" (2002)
Hobbies : Watching movies, playing chess
Happiest Moment : Spending time with my family
Ambition : To win the National award
Role Model : My mom
Strength : My self-confidence
Weakness : I beli
Fond of : Eating chocolates
Favourite Holiday Spot : Mauritius, Switzerland
Favourite Cusine : The food prepared by my mother at home
Favourite Films : Unfaithful, Titanic, Life is Beautfuleve people instantly
Malayalam Films
1. Ishtam (2001) as Anjana
2. Mazhathullikkilukkam (2002) as Sophie
3. Nandanam (2002) as Balamani
4. Kalyanaraman (2002) as Gauri
5. Kunjikkoonan (2002) as Chembakam
6. Chathurangam (2002) as Sherin Mathew
7. Gramophone (2003) as Pooja
8. Vellithira (2003) as Thatha
9. Ammakilikkoodu (2003) as Akhila
10. Pattanathil Sundaran (2003) as Radhamani
11. Sethurama Iyer CBI (2004) as Rachana
12. Jalolsavam (2004) as Geetha
13. Chathikkatha Chanthu (2004) as Vasumathi
14. Parayam (2004) Guest appearance
15. Immini Nalloraal (2005) as Sneha
16. Paandippada (2005) as Meena
17. Sarkar Dada (2005) as Sandhya
18. Kanne Madanguka (2005) as Kaarunya
19. Saira (2005) as Saira (Not Yet Released)
20. Pathaaka (2006) as Ashitha
21. Kalabham (2006) as Sivakami
22. Alibhai (2007)
23. Kichamani MBA (2007) as Shivani
24. SMS (2007)
25. Kavyam (2008) (Not Yet Released)
26. Banaras (2009)
27. Calender (2009)
28. Ivar Vivahitharayal (2009) Guest appearance
29. Violet (2009) (Not Yet Released)
30. Yugapurushan (2009) (Not Yet Released)
31. Ekadashi (2009) (Filming)
Tamil Films
1. Azhagiya Theeye (2004) as Nandini
2. Amirtham (2005) as Amirtha
3. Chidambarathil Oru Appasamy (2005) as Thenmozhi
4. Pasa Kiligal (2005) as Maragatham
5. Maya Kannadi (2007) as Maheshwari
6. Aadum Koothu (2008) as Manimeghala
7. Sila Nerangalil (2008) as Thamarai and Anjali
8. Raman Thediya Seethai (2008) as 'Senthamarai
9. Rasikkum Seemane (2009) as Gayathri
10. Autograph-2 (2010) Delayed.
Kannada Films
1. Gaja (2008)
2. Namma Yejamanru(2009)
3. Boss (2009)(filming)
4. Bhagyada Balegara (2009)(filming)


Biography / Biodata

Navya Nair

Real Name
Dhanya Nair

Date of Birth

Birth Place
Alapuzha, Kerala, India



Eye colour

Father Name

Mother Name

Brother Name

Mother Tongue

Actress, Model

Malayalam First movie
Ishtam (2001)

Tamil Debut film
Azhagiya Theeye (2004)

Kannada film
Gaja (2007)

Hot facts in Biography

# She was given the name “Navya” by her mother so as to be a lucky fortune to the Malayalam film industry.

# She had plastic surgery performed on her lips as she met with an accident while shooting for a Malayalam film.

# Navya Nair is trained in dance, she has been a hyperactive teenager, whooping up at youth festivals and stage shows.

# The malayalam actress won the honour of “Kala Thilakam” in the youth festival of Aleppey district, Kerala for her exceptional talent.

# Her debut movie ‘Ishtam’ opposite Dileep and also Nandanam opposite Prithviraj established her as one of the promising actresses in Malayalam.

# She entered Tamil film industry through ‘Azhagiya Theeyee’ in 2004 . The media is already projecting her as the next number one heroine

# The malayalam actress won the Kerala State Award for the Best Actress in 2002 for the film “Nandanam” which happens to be her second film and again for her performance in “Kanne Madanguka” and “Saira” in 2005 .

# Her father, Rajan is working in the Telecom Subdivision and her Mother, Veena, is a teacher in “M.S.M High Secondary school”.

# She is noted for her portrayal of the typical Malayali (Keralite) girl in various movies.

Malayalam Navya Nair quotes

# “I had never thought of becoming an actress. Of course I took part in the school youth festivals and was even the overall champion. But coming to films was accidental. My photograph appeared on the cover page of a leading weekly and that was noticed by director Sibi Malayil and his associates. That’s how ‘Ishtam’ happened.”

# “My fans thought it was a nice idea for me to get married to Prithviraj because we make such good onscreen couples. That was also the time when gossips about Prithviraj and me were making the rounds. I tried hard to deny these rumors but nobody was taking me seriously. ”

# “I love Tamil film very much. Here like a circle of angels, many reputed directors Maniratnam, Bharathi Raja, Mahendra are like guide to new faces to bring out the hidden and till now unused talent. Maniratnam always project female oriented roles in his movies. It is rare to get such value studded movies. I am eager to search for such roles and try to act in those characters.”

# “Like Malayalam language, Tamil is sweet to me. I usually listen to Tamil songs more than others. llayaraja, Vidya Sagar, A R Rahman’s songs are enjoyable.”

# “I was sixteen when I commenced my acting profession. In three years I completed twelve films. ”

# “I was born in Alapuzha. Studies, songs and dance fully occupied my time those days. One fine morning I saw my still photo in the front cover of “Malayala Manorama” the largest circulation in Kerala. After seeing this, director Sibi Malayil asked me if I was keen to act in his film. My parents became fence sitters in allowing me. They don’t have inclination to send me for acting. ”

# “I’m more interested in doing commercially successful films.”

# “I meant that a film is not entirely heroine driven. It is not even driven by the hero. It’s the story and the script which makes a film a hit.”

# “I have no plans to get married atleast for another five years. Maybe my parents are thinking about finding a groom for me. ”

# “Some of the things that I had said before had created lot of controversies. These days I’m very careful. I don’t go about revealing bitter truths anymore.”

# “Success has no finishing line.”

Navya Nair best movie list

Malayalam best movies list

Saira [ Navya Nair ]
Kanne Madanguka [ Navya Nair ]
Chathikkatha Chanthu [ Jayasurya , Bhavana , Navya Nair , Madhu, Cochin Haneefa , Siddhique, ]
Sethurama Iyer CBI [ Mammootty , Mukesh , Jagathy Sreekumar , Navya Nair , Vineeth Kumar , Kalabhavan Mani ]
Gramophone [ Navya Nair]
Kunjikkoonan [ Navya Nair ]
Nandanam [ Prithviraj , Navya Nair ]
Mazhathullikkilukkam [ Navya Nair ]
Ishtam [ Dileep , Navya Nair ]
Tamil best movies list

Sila Nerangalil [ Vincent Asokan , Navya Nair , Vineeth , Raghuvaran , Ramesh Khanna ]
Azhagiya Theeye [ Prsanna , Prakash Raj , Navya Nair ]
Kannada best movies list

Gaja [ Dharshan , Navya Nair ]


Navya Nair Profile
Name : Navya Nair 
Birth Name : Dhanya Nair 
Birth Date : 1984 
Birth Place : Alappuzha, Kerala, India 
Sex : Female
Nationality : Indian 
Height : 5' 5" (1.65 m) 
Hair Color : Black 
Eye Color : Black 
Zodiac Sign : Libra
Sexual Orientation : Straight 
Race or Ethnicity : Asian 
Profession : Actress 
Major Genres : Drama, Comedy, Action, Romance 
Debut Movie : Malayalam - Ishtam (2001), Tamil - Azhagiya Theeye (2004), Kannada - Gaja (2007) 
First Major Screen Credit : Ishtam (2001) 
Father : Rajan
Mother : Veena
Brother : Rahul 
Career Highlights : Azagiya Theeye, Gramaphone, Sethurama Iyer CBI
Claim to Fame : As Balamani in the movie "Nandanam" (2002) 
Hobbies : Watching movies, playing chess 
Role Model : My mom 
Favourite Holiday Spot : Mauritius, Switzerland 
Favourite Films : Unfaithful, Titanic, Life is Beautfuleve people instantly


Real Name          : Dhanya Nair
Date of Birth      : 8th March 1986
Place Of Birth   : Kerala, India
Father's Name  : Rajan
Mother's Name: Veena
Siblings                             : \
Spouse                             : Single
Studied Upto                   : Graduation in kerala
Previous Carrier            : started as an actress
Introduced Film              : Ishtam (Malayalam)
Director                           : Mahesh Chandra
Languages Acted          : Malayalam, kannada, telugu and tamil
Awards Won                   : bagged the Best Actress Award by Kerala state for her role in Nandanam.

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