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Original Name : Pooja Gautami Umashankar 
Date of birth : 25th June 
Place of birth : Srilanka 
Hails from the state of : Karnataka 
Mother Tongue : Kannada 
Languages Known : Kannada, English, Tamil 
Languages Spoken : Kannada, English, Tamil 
About family members : 4 members 
Names : Umashanker H.R (Dad)
Occupation : Group Manager, Teaestate Division, Hindustan Lever, Valparai.
Education - schooling and College : MBA – Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.
First film Details: Name of first film : Jay Jay 
Director/Production : Saran 
Co-star : Maddy 
Name of Latest Movie : Tambi 
Ambition : To better myself as a human being as well as an actor.
Hobbies : Read, Music, Sleep

Actor (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema) : Brad Pitt/Hrithik Roshan 
Actress (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema) : Meg Ryan/Madhuri Dixit 
Music Director (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema) : AR Rahman
Song : Unchained Melodies 
Film (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema) : My Fairlady/Devdas/Alai Payudhey 
Singer (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema) : Lionel Richie/Shaan/SPB 
Dress (Ethnic/Western) : Shiffon Sarees/Jeans with a Smart Top 
HangOut (like discotheque/place to be in leisure hours) : Where ever my friends and I meet 
Favorite Cartoon as a kid : Tom and Jerry 
Color : Red/White 
Food : Srilankan 
Sports : Volley Ball

Definition of love? : Love is the most wonderful feeling God has ever created. 
Do you believe in love at first sight? : Yes and No 
Are you a romantic person? : Yes Extremely 
What do you do on a perfect romantic evening? : Do not know, never had one. 
How should your dream (partner be)? : Extremely God fearing, Caring, Should love animals, kids and the list goes on and on… 
Expectations from your life partner? : Be Everything 
Would it be a love marriage or arranged? : A little of both 
Stranded on an island what would you do? : Pray 
The place in the world you would like to go to? : Colombo 
Your role model? : My mother 
Person you envy? : No body 
Unforgettable moment? : My first day of shoot 
Happiest Moment? : When I got my MBA Certificate 
Person(s) you like to meet? : George Clooney 
Things you like? : Chaat 
Things you dislike? : Disloyal 
What is life? : Life is a gift given by God and I love it. 
Who would you like to be in your next birth? : God 
Ever plan to enter politics? : Nope 
Do you consider doing anything other than acting : Yes, get into big
like direction, etc? 
Goal in the industry? : To do many good films. 
Your Dream Role : A Village Role 
About your secret friends : No secret friends 
Public service – if any : CUPA member


Biography / Biodata


Birth Name
Pooja Gautami Umashankar

Date of Birth
June 25,1981

Birth Place
Sri Lanka


Hair color

Pooja Height

MBA , Mount Carmel College, In Bangalore.

Languages Known
Kannada, English and Tamil

Umashanker H.R


Mother Tongue

Reading, listening to music

Favourite actor
Hrithik Roshan

Favourite actress
Madhuri Dixit

Favourite movies
Devdas, Alai Payudhey

Favourite music director
AR Rahman

Favourite Dress
Jeans, Sarees

Favorite Cartoon
Tom and Jerry

Favourite colors
Red and White

Favourite sports

First movie
Jay Jay (Tamil) 2003

Actress, Model

Hot facts in Pooja Biography

# Pooja’s fans in Srilanka have built a temple in Colombo for their dream girl Pooja. Her blackbuster movies “Anjalika” and “Asai Mang Piyabanna” helped her to win the hearts of millions, the temple is the result of such great fans. It is to be remebered that Kushboo was the only south indian actress who had a temple, now one more gorgeous is worshipped. But the sad news is that the temple was bombed and demolished by unknown miscreants. The fans were very sad about it. But Pooja wasnot sad about it because even before construction she appealed her fans not to build it.

# The gorgeous Pooja who started her career in Kollywood but has become the dream girl of innumerable fans in Srilanka. Its an amzing experience for the actress also. She did only few movies in Sinhalese language compared to the tamil movies. But the people have accepted this gorgeous babe as their next door girl. Her first Sinhalese debut movie “Angelika” was a superhit there and looted the box-office. Even her second movie “Asai Mang Piyabanna” made a record in box-office collection.

# The tamil actress was part of Mani Ratnam’s stage show, Netru, Indru, Naalai (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow).

# Pooja’s mother is from Sri Lanka and her father is from karnataka, she was brought up in Karnataka.

# The tamil actress speaks Tamil, Kannada and English.

Tamil actress Pooja quotes

“My dream partner would be extremely God fearing, caring, should love animals, kids and the list goes on and on…”
“I knew they (fans) were building a temple because they had asked for my permission. But I told them not to go with the construction as it was insane to waste such efforts, time and money for an actor. We had a similar situation here where temple was built for Kushboo madam and it had to be bulldozed. I was not happy in the first place when the temple was built and am not sad for it coming down” [About building a temple for her]
“Life is a gift given by God and I love it.”
“My dream role would be that of village girl.”
“My first day of shoot was my most unforgettable day”
“I dislike disloyalty”
“Love is the most wonderful feeling God has ever created.”
Actress Pooja best movie list

Tamil movies

Attagasam [ Ajith ,  Pooja Umashankar , Ramesh Kanna , Karunas ]
Pattiyal [ Pooja Umashankar , Padmapriya , Bharath , Arya ]
Githan [ Pooja Umashankar , Ramesh ]
Thambi [ Pooja Umashankar , Madhavan , Manivannan ]
Ullam Ketkumae [ Pooja Umashankar , Shaam , Arya , Laila , Asin ]
Naan Kadavul [ Arya , Pooja Umashankar ]
Sinhalese / Srilanka movies

Angelika [ Anjalika , Pooja Umashankar , Uththara ]
Asai Mang Piyabanna [ Ranmalee , Pooja Umashankar , Maleesha ]

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