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Original Name : Radhi
Date of birth : Sept. 23
Place of birth : Bangalore
Hails from the state of : Karnataka 
Mother Tongue : Tamil
Languages Known : English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada 
About family members: 5. Mother, Father, Elder sister and Younger brother
Names: Arumugam, Bharani, Anu, Siddharth
Occupation: Bussiness
Education - schooling and College : BDS. II year, Ambedkar Dental College, Bangalore
About the entry into the film industry : Interest of mom
First film Details:
Name of first film: Gummalam
Director/Production: Suki Murthy
Co-star: Mithun
Name of Latest Movie : Anbe Un Vasam, Singara Chennai
Achievements / Awards : Amudha Surabi Award (Madurai)
Ambition : To become a Dentist, to study more
Hobbies : Reading Novels, playing Guitar


Actor (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema) : Kamal Hassan, Shahruk Khan, Brendon Fraser, Alec Baldwin, Anthony Hopkins, Jim Carrey, Di Caprio
Actress (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema) : Simran (like her dance), Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet 
Music Director (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema) : A.R. Rahman, James Horner 
Song : Netru Illadha Matram, Uyirae (Bombay), Kaakha Kaakha songs, 
Andhi Malai Piligiradhu
Director (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema) : Mani Rathnam, 
Film (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema) : DDLJ, Kshana Kshanam (Telugu), Jumanji, Cider House Rules, Benhur, Fiddler on the Roof, Life is Beautiful
Dress (Ethnic/Western) : Western
Favorite Book and Author : Tell Me Your Dreams - Sydney Sheldon, 
The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand
Favorite Cartoon as a kid : Tom & Jerry 
Color : Grey
Food : Chinese
Sports : Cricket


Other Trivial Questions:
Definition of love? : Love is a wonderful emotion that everybody must go through
Do you believe in love at first sight? : No, as I don't go by Looks
Are you a romantic person? : Not exactly
What do you do on a perfect romantic evening? : Have no clue
How should your dream (partner be)? : Honest and sensible to the core
Would it be a love marriage or arranged? : Love Marriage
Stranded on an island what would you do? : Be crying, cannot think when I'm crying
The place in the world you would like to be? : Bangalore
Your role model? : I don't think anybody as my role model
Person you envy? : None, but all the babies
Unforgettable moment? : When Manirathnam Sir interviewed me
Happiest Moment? : When I was titled second best artiste, in Vijay TV
Person(s) you like to meet? : Lots of them, Wished to meet Mother Theresa when she was alive 
Things you like? : Dolls, Books
Things you dislike? : Dishonesty
What is life? : Life is short, enjoy it to the core 
Who would you like to be in your next birth? : Myself
Ever plan to enter politics? : No
Do you consider doing anything other than acting like direction, etc? : To become a playback singer, to work behind the scenes - Camera 
Goal in the industry? : To get good name as long as I'm here
Your Dream Role : Realistic roles like Sedhu, Alagi
Public service - if any : Like to adopt a child

List of movies completed so far : Gummalam, Enge Enadhu Kavidhai, Solla Marandha Kadai List of Upcoming Movies  : Singara Chennai, one in Kannada, one in Telugu

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