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Sangitha PROFILE

Biography / Biodata

Sangeetha / Sangeeta

Nick Name

Birth Place
Chennai , Tamilnadu, India


Hair colour

Eye colour



Languages known
Tamil, English, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu

Tamil First movie

Telugu debut film

Kannada debut film
Bengalooru Bundh

Actress , Model

Hot facts in Biography

# Sangeetha is a very good Bharathanatyam dancer. She learnt Bharathanatyam during her school days.

# She is from a filmy family. Her grandfather K.R. Balan produced more than 20 tamil films under the banner Balan pictures. Her father Arvind was also into production and he owns a recording theatre.

# She entered films under the name of Rasika. Her first film was ‘Poonjolai’, directed by Gangai Amaran. Now she is acting under her real name, Sangeetha.

# Her favourites movies are ‘Pithamagan’ in Tamil, ‘Khadgam’ in Telugu, which made her quite popular , ‘Nalla’ in Kannada and ‘Pellam Ooruvellithe’ and ‘Deepasthambam’ in Malayalam.

# She came to lime light only after the tamil National Award winning movie “Pithamagan” in 2003. She entered the film industry even in mid 90’s paired with telugu comedian Ali but most of her movies went unnoticed.

# She is also a judge on Vijay TV’s hit show Jodi No. 1 season 2 and 3. She was one of the three judges along with Simbu and Sundram in season two and with S.J. Suryah and Sundram in the third season.

# She worked in atmil, Telugu, Malayalam, and kannada movies so far.

Tamil actress Sangeetha quotes

# ” But I think even love marriages should happen with the consent of the parents. Only then one can be happy. One can fall in love at anytime. So I really can’t say whether a love marriage or an arranged marriage would be the ideal one for me. I would prefer my man to be a very bold, jovial and friendly person.”

# “It is true that I refused offers to act when I was quite young. I was surrounded by people related to the industry and had every opportunity to start my career much earlier than I did. There was also more pressure than I would have liked to enter an industry I was inclined to in any case.”

# “My ambitions are quite ordinary actually. I am a normal person trying to live and survive in the industry. I had to struggle a lot in the beginning. Now I am happy with what I have done so far. There is also much that I want to do. But my ambitions cannot disturb my peace of mind. I want to live quietly and help those around me as much as I can. ”

# “I have not done as many roles as I would like in Tamil though. It is not that I am refusing roles in Tamil. I first have to have the required days free in my schedule. I also am interested only in those roles that give me scope for good performance.”

# ” ‘Pithamagan’ is among my favourite Tamil films. Full credit for the character I played in the film goes to director Bala. That character’s speech and behaviour were all a reflection of his imagination.”

# “There are several rumours doing the rounds about me, about how I am being hounded out of town and have settled in Hyderabad and about how I am refusing to act with senior actors. Initially I used to be hurt and worried about how this would affect my career. Now, I don’t let them bother me. I have always chosen roles based on whether they appeal to me.”

Actress Sangeetha best movie list

Tamil best movie list

Pithamagan [ Vikram , Surya Sivakumar , Sangeetha , Laila , Simran ]
Evano Oruvan [ Madhavan , Sangeetha , Seeman , Devadarshini , Payilwan Ranganathan ]
Uyir [ Srikanth , Sangeeta ]
Telugu best movie list

Bahumati [ Venu , Sangeeta , Shabana Khan , Ali , Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam ]
Kannada best movie list

Nalla [ Sudeep , Sangeeta ]


Real Name          : Sangeetha
Date of Birth      : 22nd March 75
Place Of Birth   : Bombay
Father's Name  : Nirmalya Mohan Ghosh
Mother's Name: Krishna Ghosh
Siblings                             : \
Spouse                             : Krish
Studied Upto                   : secondary studies
Previous Carrier            : Model
Introduced Film              : Telugu: Khadgam, Tamil:Kabadi kabadi
Director                           : Pandiya rajan
Languages Acted          : Tamil,telugu and kannada
Awards Won                   : Ujala Asianet Awards 2008 Sangeetha


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