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Santhoshi PROFILE

About Me
Original Name Santhoshi 
Date of birth 31st March
Place of birth: Chennai
Hails from the state of TamilNadu 
Mother Tongue :Tamil 
Languages Known: Tamil, English, Telugu 
Languages Spoken Tamil, English, Telugu 
About family members: Mom, Dad
Names: Mrs. Poornima, Mr. Gopala Krishna Moorthy
Occupation: Actress, Working
Education - schooling and College Holy Angels. 10th STD.
About the entry into the film industry: In Serials since 8 years old 
First film Details: Name of first film: Tubelight, first released is Baba
Co-star: Rajini, Manisha
Name of Latest Movie Unnai Saranadaindean 
Achievements / Awards 
Ambition To be a good artiste, good actress and a good person 
Hobbies Music, Dance

Actor (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema)
(H)Leo, Tom Cruise
(B) Maddy, Amir Khan, Shahruk Khan, Vivek Oberoi 
(T)Maddy, Surya, rajini, Sham
Actress (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema) 
(H)Kate Winslet, Britney Spears, 
(B)Kareena, Aishwarya
(T) Bhanu Priya
Music Director (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema) Rahman, Harris, Yuvan
Song Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for Tonight
Film (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema): Poovili Vasalile
Singer (In Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil Cinema): Britney Spears
Dress (Ethnic/Western) :Western
HangOut (like discotheque/place to be in leisure hours) :Coffee Day
Favorite Book and Author :Not the bookie type
Favorite Cartoon as a kid: Tom and Jerry, Popeye
Color :Black and White
Food :Curd Rice
Sports: Basket Ball

Definition of love? Enjoy in films 
Do you believe in love at first sight? No
Are you a romantic person? Not at all
What do you do on a perfect romantic evening? Sit and admire the stars
How should your dream (partner be)? like Maddy, charming not filmy
Expectations from your life partner? Caring for me, simple person
Would it be a love marriage or arranged? Both
Stranded on an island what would you do? Sit and cry
The place in the world you would like to go to? Los Angeles
Your role model? Bhanu Priya
Person you envy? 
Unforgettable moment? Working on Baba, Unnai Saranadaindhen 
Person(s) you like to meet? Abdul Kalam 
Things you like? Ice Cream, Chocolate 
Things you dislike? Non-Veg 
What is life? Life is short, make it sweet
Who would you like to be in your next birth? A flower
Ever plan to enter politics? No way
Ten years from now what do you see yourself as? A good producer
Do you consider doing anything other than acting to produce
like direction, etc? 
Goal in the industry? People should know me as Santhoshi, to work hard 
Your Dream Role to do a psycho character 
About your secret friends don't have any 
Public service - if any I keep my city clean, don't throw garbage in the road, I will adopt a kid from an orphanage in the future

List of movies completed so far Director/Producer/Banner Name/Language
List of Upcoming Movies None
Movies Currently Working None

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